💬 Coding Meme Thread... do contribute!

THANKS THE GODS !!! You’re all amazing I now have my dream set up !!!


Ahh sorry, didn’t realise @codeneutrino had already sent a DM when I replied! :slightly_smiling_face:


No honestly its fine you’re all wonderful eggs and I wanted you to know :partying_face: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart:


Tell me this doesnt slap

It’s a bop… A real banger. Tell me this isn’t an ear worm…


Been busy so I’ve only found one … I got into cybersecurity bootcamp and been a little bit busier than average. Still on here coding my little fingers away though.


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When you believe all the links Fede sends.

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To sum up what I’ve learnt in three weeks of cybersecurity bootcamp …This meme would be the first week

The place for lost and found usb drives is never and in the trash. Don’t turn them in or get curious and two DO NOT scan random QR codes including the one in the meme.


Week Two: Businesses need to recognize their biggest problem is cybersecurity threats and address these threats accordingly. Also I would say in the cybersecurity course on here OWASP is a decent set of technical guidelines…BUT …We’ve studied the NIST ones too. There a lot to understanding Governance Regulations and Compliance. And Cybersecurity is everyone’s job


Week 3 is the terminal/bash scripting which thankfully thanks to here was familiar with but IMHO could go ahead and go with some beefing like how to use grep.

AAAND found this guy making fun of the CAPTCH-RECAPTCHA culture. Hope you enjoy the meme dump and all you wonderful eggs have yourself a great weekend
all the traffics


I’m cackling



Don’t we just love the feeling of starting a new project, until it gets down to actually having to create working code…


AGREE !!! I just finished my assignment that was all Bash scripting … MAX AGREE … One answer I’m sure is technically okay but probably not what they’re looking for :upside_down_face: BUT IT WORKS… is my only defense

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Thanks for this interesting information!

found another ape themed version. lol


Allow me to to cast my rez spell and bring this thread back to life with a necropost for a fellow meme lover, made these ones myself :sunglasses:
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As I have been playing as a necromancer on my last Diablo play though(haven’t played the newest Beta yet and all I want is the wolf hoodie tbqh) : I cast Reanimate and offer this blorbo from my adventures in being a cybersecurity bootcamp T.A … And hey as a reminder: TURN YOUR VM OFF PLEASE… You don’t deserve a loss in cupcakes :cupcake:

Danger Zone

I have stopped going to StackOverflow and only use ChatGPT anymore. The SO crowd is a little too impressed with itself.

Just don’t post the responses here. They are not welcome.

The only people who should be using CGPT are the ones who can vet and corroborate it. Peer review, as it were, is a grave necessity or we will be swimming in BS before long.

That’s been the case for a good long while now, tbf. (Case in point: StackOverflow…)

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