Coding Journey

Since beginning coding again after my initial run at the community college with a few CS classes under my belt. Codecademy has really helped me stay on track helping me focus on what I really want to do with coding. I feel like the structure really helps me when I’m learning all new concepts, and how to correctly apply them relative to the specific programming language. After seven months I’m pretty excited about having the confidence to access learning tools and the vast amount of resources online. I just got a job doing e-commerce at a grocery store in town so it has been really interesting checking out what kind of computer programs and software they are using when receiving orders online! I’m thinking about a python program I can write helping me at work since the data they are using is incorrect sometimes.


That’s wonderful to hear that Codecademy is helping you stay on track!
For me, their 30 day challenge is getting me to return each day and learn a little more :grin: :+1:.

It’s awesome that you’re already looking for possible ways to implement what you’re learning with Python to improve processes at your job :snake:. Best of luck to you!