Coding is beautiful

I’m a person with many hobbies.
Long before I built a strong relationship with coding, art was all I knew.
I liked drawing beautiful things, imagining heart-touching stories, dancing to moving music.

Coding felt like the farthest thing from who I was. It seemed mechanical, rigid…it seemed like rocket science.
But my Dad introduced me to coding, when I was around 9 years old. I hated it. I didn’t seem to understand anything, and I certainly didn’t see how I could make anything meaningful with it.

But my Dad kept on insisting.
He bought me books.
He bought me courses.
He asked me what I had been learning, each week.

Thanks to my Dad, today, almost 10 years later, I love coding.
Thanks to multiple people who helped me and encouraged through my journey, who answered my doubts smoothly in a way that made so much sense…I kept going,
until it all clicked.

Coding can slap you on the face.
But coding can also dry your tears.
Nothing beats the excitement of seeing your program do what you designed it to do,
after cold nights of indescribable frustration.
When the application, the algorithm, the webpage you designed
paints a smile on the face of someone,
touches their heart,
helps their cause.
That satisfaction is worth every single headache.
And all the moments when you felt like keeping on was pointless,
fade away like magic.

When you learn to code,
you learn to understand problems.
Complicated riddles inside your brain
become elegant abstractions down on a sheet of paper

And anyone can learn.
You don’t need a super brain, I certainly don’t have one.
All you need is perseverance,
and to build something you care about…for someone you care about.
Whether you chose this path yourself,
or you were pushed into it
I can tell you by experience,
give it a chance.
Allow yourself to fail,
to wander and get lost
until you find the solution that works.
Coding can be beautiful,
when you pour your all into it.

Coding is beautiful.


It’s been a while since I’ve last been here haha…I missed this place :smiling_face_with_tear:
How’s everyone doing? I wonder if everyone I knew is still around here lol :melting_face:


Nice to see you back!! :blush:

Thank you for sharing your story.

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Thank you! It felt nice to come back.
And it’s so nice to see you again! (See is a funny word to use when I can’t actually see you).

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This makes me really excited to start my coding journey!

Thanks for sharing!

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So very nice to be here. I am about to teach Algorithms and need a refresher course. It’s funny how you forget things you don’t use ever so often. I love coding and am excited to be here. Best of holidays to all of you.


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I’m so glad to hear that!! I wish you the best on your journey, and welcome to the forums :smiley_cat:

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Welcome to the forums! :smiley:
I wish you the best with your teaching, teaching others is such a beautiful thing.

Happy holidays!

Thank you for sharing this :smiling_face_with_tear:

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