Coding in different javascript interpretors


I finished coding my own adventure. It works fine on code academy tool. however, if i copy and paste it in another javascript interpreter, it does not work. I am very new to this, only my first day. I'd appreciate if anyone can help.


What exactly doesn't work? Codecademy provides you with a console (the output/preview window on the right), so then you can use console.log. I guess the interpreter you use, doesn't. Did you check your console window? Most browser have a console, you just need to find it (use google, this depends on your browser)

Console is general used for debugging. You might need to make a few changes. You could use alert() or confirm() instead


I would just like to check my code elsewhere as well. Can you recommend any javascript engines where i can do so?


Learn how to use the console, or learn getelementbyid, and innerhtml, then you can run your code pretty much anywhere (create js + html files on your computer)

Or if that is too difficult, try jsfiddle, jsbin or codepen