Coding for Entrepreneurship - Advice

What’s up!

First time to Codecademy and I come to you looking to expand my knowledge of coding and computer science. I am a CPA at an accounting firm in upstate NY and have basic XML, and more specifically XBRL coding experience from my classes in college.

Currently I am taking the SQL course. Is there any advice out there for which language to become learn/familiar with? Especially one from an entrepreneurship type goal? I am looking to take advantage of the ever changing economic conditions due to A.I. and blockchain technologies.


SQL is definitely a good place to start for your goals. I would suggest learning some python and a little bit of web. Some computer science fundamentals ( such as data structures and algorithms ) will also help a lot.
Are you hoping to program A.I and blockchain technologies, or be able to understand them enough to talk about and engage in a business involving them?