Coding exam in Full Stack unit in Full Stack path bugging out on POST test


Without putting in too many details, this exam is bugging out on the POST request for the first part (movies router in express). Have tried every variation on the POST route path name and nothing seems to stick. All the prior tests are passing and I’m using the correct pattern.

I don’t think I should post a screenshot of code or give too many details on exam questions so please LMK how to proceed.

MacOS Sonoma 14.0 running Chrome Version 120.0.6099.129 (Official Build) (arm64)

I’m having the same error, but with the first endpoint “Expected app.js to contain an endpoint that gets all movies.” Have you found a solution?

It’s likely your route path. Play around with that until you find something that works. If you still need help, DM me on Discord - @figgenfenk


I’ve got the same problem but if copy & paste the code into Stackblitz, it all works fine and I can call the endpoint to get all movies or get specific movie, etc.

But back in Codecademy, just can’t get the last test about routes to pass. Error was “Expected app.js to contain an endpoint that gets all movies.”

It’s hard to read the mind of the test creator to know what route name they imagined we’d use. Have tried /movies, /movie, assume first one or two routes should be for the GET verb.

Would be grateful if you could provide some hints either in here or on discord. I’m at @Nao777#9618

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I sent you an invite on Discord.

thanks for replying and sorry to be a pain, could you resend the invite on discord as somehow it got lost, it doesn’t appear in discord but I can see in my gmail that you did send it.
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To close this out - the exam tests weren’t aligned with the exam code. I ended up playing around a lot and trying a few different things and ultimately found a solution that worked, but wasn’t aligned with what the exam was asking for or testing for. After a couple weeks of bugging and a few days after I “passed” the exam, I received an email that the CC team had rewritten the exam to be more consistent.

As I’d already passed the exam, I haven’t gone back to look at the updates but I assume its working now.

Thanks to the CC team for updating!