Coding doesn't print


when i run the program on any of the codecademy projects and its wrong, it will come up syntax error, or word not defined or whatever. but when i do have it right, nothing gets printed, its just empty, why?


Why would something be printed? Doesn’t happen by itself, have to use things which do that.
A good idea here would be to test with a program that only says to print something, or if there’s nothing in your code that says that something should be printed then you have your answer right there.


im sorry, when i said print, I meant seeing the results of the code on the right side where you see how it looks after you pressed run(Im working on javascript, btw)


But the code is in the editor, and it doesn’t change after running.
If you expect some form of result then it should be because the code contains instructions for producing that result.

I don’t know what you ran, how you ran it, what you expected to see or why, or what you do see. Without knowing what the situation is I can’t begin to guess what’s wrong or even agree that there’s something wrong about it


I’m only seeing your edit by luck of having the page open, I would have missed it. Make new posts instead.

Being javascript still doesn’t tell me anything and my answer is still really the same.


Oh you added three words. Fair enough.

But what, for example, is the code that you ran? If it was:

console.log('Hello, World!')

Then I could agree that something should be printed, specifically the text Hello, World!

Or, if the code was

() => console.log('Hello, World!')

Then I could say that it most definitely shouldn’t be printing anything.

That’s two possibilities. Going any further with that guessing is likely several possibilities for each of them. Knowing what happened is the difference between explaining ten things, and one.


yes! im talking about the console.log(‘hello world!’) example.
I know that im not doing anything wrong, b/c when i do, the code editor will tell me that, it only happens on the codecademy code editor (the one to do their exercises)
Its so weird !