Coding club

Hi everyone!

Recently, I had the idea of starting a programming club at my high school, with a couple of friends. I have basic knowledge of a few languages, but I am a master in none. I know I want to teach python, as it is fairly easy to understand, and it is a good springboard into other more complex projects. My problem is I don’t really know what source I should use to base the club around. Should I make up lesson plans myself, or use Codecademy, etc.?

Any suggestions would be a great help.

How about wiring everyone to Codecademy, and you supervising each student’s progress. When one has a question, you can attend to and respond to any questions that student may have, rather than him/her having to browse through the forum, ask and wait for a reply. Worse case scenario, if you’re really stuck, the forum will always be there to help you out.

Then, when everyone’s up to business, organize hackathons for small projects that you built yourself. Have them complete the project and compare it to your version. Then reward the best ones every week or so.

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