Coding Challenges, SQL for Interview Prep, Data Scientist Career Path, Solution not recognized issue

Summary of the report:
Issue: Throughout the whole SQL for Interview Prep a lot of the Code Challenges have this same problem, where it does not recognize your solution and you cannot progress unless you click view solution and then click ‘Replace with solution’.
Course URL: SQL Interview Prep | Codecademy
Steps to Reproduce: At the last step of the challenge, type in the solution. Press Run and it will not let you pass. Look at ‘View solution’ and make your code match the solution. Press Run and it will not let you pass.
Fix or Workaround: In ‘View Solution’, click ‘Replace with Solution’
Please attach screenshots

This is weirdly annoying. I had forgotten that the same thing happened to me b/c my spacing and indentation wasn’t exactly matching the solution code (& my code was correct).

I wonder if it’s having an issue with you not indenting with the ON part of your JOIN clause? Did you indent the ON and would it pass that way?

After adding indent, still doesn’t work.

It’s not just this Lesson, it’s several in SQL Interview Prep.

Yep, I know. I’m going to submit a support ticket on my end. SQL unlike Python does not rely on indentation to run. It’s just for clarity’s sake.

I’ll keep you posted.