Coding Challenge "More Frequent Item" (Advanced Python Code Challenges: Lists - challenge 3)

I’m getting the correct output, but it says I didn’t. I tested the provided answer and it worked, but mine returns the same result but doesn’t? I don’t understand how or what I did wrong. Technically I followed the instructions exactly, just my operator is > rather than >=. There isn’t an expected output for equal so I ignored the possibility

So, what happens when you change the operator to >= in your code?
What arguments did you pass through the function? What are the contents of my_list, item1 and item2?
Did you try passing through other arguments and did the function work?

Going forward, please provide a link to the lesson and please format your code

Going over it, I realized what I did wrong. I mis-read a piece of instruction.

Blockquote If the two items appear the same number of times, return item1 .

I read over too quickly and interpreted as “return item2” somehow

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