Coding Apps: Any good ones?

So recently I know the Apple App Stores for the US at least feature and maybe is still featuring a bunch of different coding apps. I was wondering if any of y’all had tried any of them or could recommend any of them. Seems like it could be a nice way to further sharpen my skills on a device I always have with me unlike my multi screen monitor home setup xD

I use Codecademy on PC, and SoloLearn on Android. I’m not sure, but I guess SoloLearn is on App Store too.

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yeah Sololearn is on there so I will defiantly check it out. I hoping that such programs or apps will be a nice companion to what I am learning here even if some of it is redundant. haha

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Hey, I would like to suggest some interesting and fun learning apps that enable students to learn programming real and cyber robots. Check out new ipad kids apps for coding.

There is a online program called “App Inventor” that was developed by MIT that is very helpful in learning how to code. The program allows the user to make your own app and play download them. I think it might at least help you if that is something you want to learn more about.
Good luck!,
Rachel :hugs: