Coding app for mobile phone?


hey guy just wondering if there is a coding app for mobile phones so i can learn on the go?


You could develop in iOS with Swift, or Android with Java.


Awesome!! I just downloaded swift on my iphone do you know what xcode is? swift just told me to download it from the mac app store... can i still do that on a windows 10 laptop? Thanks for the help I really do appreciate it.


xCode is where you develop iOS apps, you usually need a Mac, but some VM's (virtual machines) have this ability.


I've looked around but most aren't great. Mobile devices really aren't a good environment for coding or software development for many reasons, so I don't expect that any good mobile apps for coding will exist in the near future.


EspressoHTML is a decent free app for iOS. It doesn't have some features like syntax highlighting or indentation (it's harder to do on mobile devices), but still allows you to code in HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery and a few more.


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