Coding a SIM game

My cousin and I are looking to code our own horse SIM game, similar to ones like, and others. It will have breeding, training, showing etc. The idea is in rather early stages, we have most of the info worked out and we know it is going to take a massive amount of time and work but it’s something we really want to do.

I really just want to make sure we are learning exactly the right coding that we will need for this site. What would be the best to use? We have both made it through the intro course and I am starting on JavaScript from the quiz and also suggested to my Python. I know a bit of CSS as well. Any suggestions on where to start and go from there?

html & css for the webpage itself. Javascript to make the pages more interactive is certainly a good idea, but not a must (but i would advise Javascript)

equiverse seems to use PHP, but python + a python web framework (django or flask) is also possible. But for back-end many languages are possible.

you certainly need a database, so SQL is a must.

equiverse isn’t very dynamic, seems to be mostly static pages.

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You could not make it a webpage, and use Python to make it a real game.