Coding a league in python


Hi guys, im trying to find the best way to code a league in python,

i have hit a mental block when it comes to how to arange the players based on the number of points they have, does anyone have any ideas please?

many thanks


Wouldn't the definition of league include how to do that arranging? Sounds like you need to flesh out what you mean by that term.


Yeah man, i cant work out the code to make the program arrange the league according to how many points everyone has, thats what im trying to work out


If you've worked out any code whatsoever, or have even a little idea of what you're going to do, it'd be best to post those here so that people can better help you :wink:


This is very vague. What I meant to say is that you would need to decide on what that means first.

Or if you already have, then you'd need to identify what stops you.

At the very least, nobody else knows what you want to do and what's stopping you, so coming up with any advice is.. difficult