Codestrips: Can't Pass Mocha

In the Create a Back-End App with Javascript skill path, there’s a Codestrips project.

I’ve looked at the hints, I’ve watched the walk-through video, but I still cannot get my project to pass all 21 tests. The error message still says “POST /strips route should return a 500 status code it a SQLite error occurs” (I’ve included the it/if typo in case this helps narrow down which error check it’s coming from)

Is there a typo I’m not seeing? It looks to me like it should be sending the 500 response correctly:'/strips',valStrip,(req,res,next)=>{
  let stripInfo = req.body.strip;
  if(!stripInfo.caption){stripInfo.caption='';}`INSERT INTO Strip (head, body, background, bubble_type, bubble_text, caption) VALUES ($h,$b,$bg,$t,$s,$c)`,{
    $h: stripInfo.head,
    $b: stripInfo.body,
    $bg: stripInfo.background,
    $t: stripInfo.bubbleType,
    $s: stripInfo.bubbleText,
    $c: stripInfo.caption
    if(err){return res.status(500).send('Could not create strip');}
      db.get(`SELECT * FROM Strip WHERE id = ${this.lastID}`,(err,row)=>{
          return res.status(500).send(err);
        res.status(201).send({strip: row})