Coders wanted for project

Hi Guys!

I’m a young and passionate person hoping to make his way in the web dev industry. Instead of completing those countless tutorials from the internet to showcase a potential employer I’ve decided to start a brand new project from scratch.

I’m not a full stack developer (yet, who knows in the future wink ) so i’m looking for some people who share the same enthusiasm and want to help build the project so they have something special in their portfolio too…

Everyone that can contribute is more than welcome to join the team… !

Currently following positions are most wanted:

  • Mobile developers IOS / Android

  • Frontend developers

Something about the project:

Set in the world of spy’s, secret agents, gadgets, …

I’m building a new kind of LARP1 game. Instead of the most LARP games our project will be a constant going game across the whole world. (Basicly the game never stops).

Players are going to completing tasks/challenges both online as offline.

More information will be shared soon as the registration for players will open on 01 - March - 2016.

This is not a paid position, this is intended for coders who are looking for a learning opportunity as myself , so they can add a real life project to their portfolio for future job opportunities.

If you are interested in the project and want to contribute or want some more details leave me a Message or email =>

Thanks for reading and hope to talk to you soon!


I would be really interested in getting set up to collaborate with you for front end development. is my website but my more recent projects are on git. turtleloveshoes, take a look and let me know what kind of style you are looking for and I can get some colors/templates together this week or work with what you have.