Codeflix Churn Rate Project

Hi everybody,

Here are the links to my second completed project for the Data Science skill path.

The data hoarder and oversharer within me took over, so my slides may look a tad cluttered and redundant (esp. with the queries started to get longer and longer) buuuuut the information is all there I think!

Any and all feedback is appreciated!


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Congrats on doing this!

I’ll share my opinions, they are subjective of course…

I have 2 thoughts about powerpoints: 1. they are principally visual, 2. they have to be prepared for non-technical people who have very little time.

For that I try to follow some guidelines:

  • less is more
  • color and formatting can help guide the reader to important information (but again, not going overboard with colors).
  • limit technical terms (only the necessary ones)
  • it’s ok to round numbers (reasonably)
  • have an addendum where you do put in all the chunky data and go into an in-depth analysis.
  • tell a story, since you know the points you want to conclude with, try to make your slides really guide that point home. If the reader can remember just one or two lines from a quick glimpse, the bigger job is done. Then they can go into a deeper review later or ask someone to do it for them.

I hope this helps!