Codedademy for large corporation

I work for a large company and we would like to integrate your site into our learning solution to help train employees. I am trying to get ahold of someone who might be able to facilitate this kind of request.

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Thanks so much for reaching out! How many people do you think would need a Pro account? If you can give us a ballpark number, then I can get back to you, privately, with details.

Thank you,
-Codecademy Community Manager

right now we would be looking from 4- 20 with the possibility of much larger

That’s great!

Thanks so much for writing in. Though it’s something we’re actively considering, group discounts aren’t currently available. (And it may take us a while to decide on a system). If it works for you, I’d suggest enrolling in the normal monthly option for access in the meantime.

I’ll forward your request onto our team as a reminder that learners would appreciate a group option, and be sure to follow up with you if we do launch one.

Thanks again, and best wishes,

-Codecademy Community Manager