Coded Correspondence off Platform

Hello everyone,

I am feeling really insecure about my performance on the off platform project coded correspondence. I had to look at the answer key for every single question. I can back track the functions in the answers and understand how they were created but i was no where close to coming up with that alone.

The skill gap between the python I and python II modules seems to have grown quite a bit and i am not sure i have kept up? I have gone through all the guided lessons but it seems i am missing something.

Has anyone else experienced this? How do can i improve?

I am on the same course atm, and it seems the skill jump is pretty severe, and many posts seems to confirm this. I also see several other people having the same issue. I have not finished yet, and am stuck on the second type of cipher. I am mostly just trying, failing, flailing, googling and doing it over and over. I have also returned to previous lessons and reviewed a LOT. I think the project is a lot more “loosy goosy” then previous project, and you will have to put together stuff you have learned in new ways. Its probably a really good exercise in how to start thinking like a programmer.

That being said, I searched for this project (and found your post) specifically because I started getting discouraged, but I also came across this older post, and it helped me find some extra motivation. Perhaps it can help you aswell.