Coded Correspondence: Defeat

I just “completed” the coded correspondence project. I feel quite defeated after needing to look at the solution for almost every answer. I barely understood the answer to the final question, much less being able to solve it myself.

I’m new to coding but it felt like what I was exposed to during the lesson vastly underprepared me for this project.

I’m going through the Data Scientist: Analytics Specialist path. That is all the exposure I’ve had to coding… am I alone or someone that is a little further in the program maybe give me some thoughts on whether I need to revisit or do some other path to get prerequisite skills?

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I can definitely tell you that you’re not alone. I just had the exact same experience. I felt like I studied for a test in 8th grade algebra and was met with Calculus exam. I am here in the forums immediately after finishing to try to see if anyone on here can break all of that down for me.

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I completed the lessons twice and got to npm run where the frontend started nice but experience many errors with the back end. How do I resolve the many errors?

I’m not sure if I can answer your questions. BUT, if you check the file download of Jupter files there is one with the solutions you can use to check your code (or see the answers :slight_smile: )