Coded-communication error

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Hello everyone, Please I need some help with the off platform python coding correspondence. In step 1 this is the instruction given:

Here is my code:
It looks the same as the solution code but its not working.
This is the result of my code:klm oklrl! okxy xy de lhdjkll op d tdlydr txkklr. ilrl mop dsll oo zltozl xo? x kokl yo! ylez jl d jlyydkl sdtq ixok okl ydjl oppylo!
This is the result of the solution code:hey there! this is an example of a caesar cipher. were you able to decode it? i hope so! send me a message back with the same offset!
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The solution code is looking for the position of the character within the alphabet string.

Your code is looking for the the position of the character within the message string.

Hence, the difference in the results.

Wow how did I not see that! Okay thanks for your help. :slight_smile: