Codecademy's reading list for full-stack: John Duckett's JavaScript & JQuery book

I have a question. Codecademy includes John Duckett’s JavaScript & JQuery book as part of their reading list for the Full-Stack Path. My only question is it even worth reading considering the book is several years old.

Here this will help

Hi. I’ve had the same concern myself, plus it was a burden for me when I had already paid for the full-year of pro.
But I just felt like in some areas Codecademy lacked some details (especially because I’m a beginner, I need as many details&explanations as possible). And what I struggle from most of the time is that I have a hard time connecting what I have learned to real-life examples, which is crucial for us learners to grasp how to apply what we have learned. I think the book covers that part - and I think that’s why Codecademy suggests us to purchase this book. The book certainly has overlapping explanations that Codecademy already covers, but since it’s also put in different ways it gives me more in-depth understandings. It is several years old, true, but I think Codecademy takes responsibilities to explain to us if there is a major change in the system (i.e. variables -> let & const).

  • I didn’t want to pay the full price for the book since I wanted to purchase HTML & CSS book from the same author, so I went for the used books. The condition is good as new, and I paid only $30 for both books. I’m not going to mention the name of the website here, but you are more than welcome to send me a private message!