im thinking of signing up for code academy but i do not know what it is like or if its flexible i want to know because i would like to do an hour or two after 4PM Eastern Standard Time every day is that possible? and Is this something were its basically like virtual school and if i get behind i get kicked or something?

No, you won’t get kicked out if you are behind. Codecademy allows you to study/learn at your own pace. You can code anytime you want.
You just basically select which language you want to learn and there will be lessons/practices for you to do in your own free time :slight_smile:

Not sure about Codecademy Pro though.

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Codecademy has interactive lessons, you can take them at any time you like. Or are you talking about a pro subscription?


Im not pro and thats good to hear i will probably be signed up for a course sometime today or tomorrow thanks for the information.

one small thing you need to be aware of, see this blog post:

certain courses will be updated in the future, this will affect progress. For the rest progress will be preserved.

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