Codecademy won't display lessons

My roommate’s computer also had the same problem when browsing Codecademy since this morning.
I was able to use Codecademy this morning but encountered this problem later today.
Same problem even on Brave, Chrome & Firefox.

Starting from Codecademy homepage - not fully displayed:

It seems to be ok when I click on “View Syllabus”:

But When I click on a course (Resume), it turns dark like this and does not load anymore:

I don’t think it’s internet connection problem because just Codecademy has this.

I will provide more information if needed, please tell me what to do next.
Thank you! :slight_smile:

Mac or Windows OS? Do you have any extensions installed on your web browser?

Check out this troubleshooting guide:

I have same question since 4~5 hours ago , and the problem is still there, I use Mac.

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I’m using MacOS Big Sur, my roommate is using Windows 10 and we both having the same problem.

I recently encounter a warning page from cloudflare to enter reCaptcha these days.

The most recent extension I installed is the Privacy Pass extension from Cloudflare to skip entering Captcha (Codecademy error happened before installing this extension).

I have checked and there’s no malware on my computer, my IP address is also clean.

Perhaps that is the issue (the extension)?
Did you look at the troubleshooting guide?


It could also be an issue with your DNS. Try:

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Yes, I have tried troubleshooting.
At the end of the day, everything seems to be working again!
Thank you for helping me out! :slight_smile:

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Hi, could i know how you solve this? seems i still have the issue.

Scroll up and look at the link to the troubleshooting guide that I provided.

Also, it could be your DNS settings…so check that as well.

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I checked, but still not work, I check the console and there are two screenshot, could you have a look ?

what web browser are you using? I’m assuming Chrome? Do you have any extensions installed?

Other than what I googled, I don’t know what any of those errors mean, perhaps someone else can chime in…

i use safari, also tried in Chrome, both does not work,
no extensions,
is it possible account issue,
before i login, i can see the course screen, but after i login, it’s all black when i open course

by the way, i also cannot login throught my phone, error message told me it’s a vaild accout
i also use email to try, it’s the same.

It happened again for me today.

I don’t know how we can get Codecademy’s technical support team on this?
There seems to be a lot of people having this problem like us.

Did you submit a ticket with the help desk?

A mobile app issue is different than laptop/desktop.
What version of Safari do you have and what OS?

I also think it would be best to contact customer support with this issue.

Safari version is 15.1 (17612.
OS : MAC OS Monterey version 12.0.1
I sent a email in [HELP],is it the right way to get support ?

Yes, here: