Codecademy will not Load

I am trying to continue my work on the Web Development path. Unfortunately the web page will not load. I have closed the tab and restarted. I have tried different browsers, I have restarted my computer, and my internet seems to be running smoothly.
The grey connection circle will neither go red or green. I really want to work the path, but I am unable to.

I did report a bug (just in case), and I tried to use the ‘Get Help’ button in the lower right hand corner, but it didn’t seem to work for me. I couldn’t do anything besides click said button.
Any help would be appreciated.


I am having the same issue, I just started learning to code and halfway through the second chapter it stopped working.

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Same ! :frowning:

first time trying out codecademy, not looking good


I’ve been using it for a few weeks with no problems, so don’t take it as a reflection of the website as a whole. I’ve enjoyed it thus far, I’m just unsure as to what’s going on right now.


Seems to be a problem with codecademy. I did what i could to inform the engineers, hopefully it will be fixed soon. Thank you for your understanding and patience

Replies which report the same problem will be removed, such replies won’t add much value (we are aware of the issue) and will clutter the topic in case of news.


Just want to update everyone here that codecademy is working for me again. I hope the same goes for you!
Thank you @stetim94!

Happy coding everyone!