Codecademy, why only allow help through forums when stuck, such a horrible way

Why does codecademy only implement a system where if someone is stuck on a particular exercice, the only way to get help is go and post on the forums, and than wait, maybe 1 hour, 5 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, etc. for someone to respond and tell you how to fix your code?

Why can’t you guys have a better system than this? I for one am pretty fed up with it as each time I get stuck there is no real assistance except the “stuck get help” feature which doesn’t help at all most of the time… why cant you guys have another way to help someone right away, instead of making us post on the forums for help and waiting maybe 3 hours for a response?

what i think they should add is a button where you press it and it generates the correct code, but the button only appears after a certain amount of time, and after you have tried to submit your own incorrect code a certain number of times. I’m not asking for “live support” chat, stop assuming that.

Have you got suggestion what kind of system we should be implant then? Keep in mind that for the most part codecademy is free, many people who help on the forum do this for free. There are people who post on the forum: i am stuck, help me. Now, with a forum i can safely ignore them, or decide to help them.

Be glad codecademy renewed the forums, this make help a lot quicker. If your question is unanswered for really long, maybe the way you formulated your question isn’t according to codecademy guidelines.

Don’t forget the scale codecademy is operating on, it would take too many people + too many hours to have a sort of chat function, plus you would have to deal with a lot of those: i need help post.

But we can also use more people on the forum, so once you have sufficient understanding feel free to help us out on the forum


It’s worth noting that if you go PRO, you can have live help.
And like @stetim94 said, these new forums have made responses come much quicker than they used to.

Also, really, is it that bad having to wait a few hours for help?


Because they need money. Next to nothing is free in this world. Deal with it.

Also, questions asked on the forum usually get answered within 2 to 3 days. Nothing worth complaining about

it is that bad having to wait hours/days for help actually when you’re stuck on something. many people are doing codecademy as part of pre testing for a coding bootcamp or something like that.

and yes i do have a way for them to implement a system, its not very hard. simply have a button where you push it and it generates what the correct code should be, this way we can go over it and see where we messed up. and i never said they should implement some sort of live chat function. that would cost a lot. all i’m saying is that they should have a button where you click it and the correct code pops up so we can fix it right away and move on.

@wessltov you obviously don’t know anything about tech companies. just because something is free that isn’t an excuse to not have something working efficiently. practically everything in google is free and look at what they’re worth.
just because codecademy is free it doesn’t mean they dont make money. do you know how much codecademy is worth right now if they decided to sell the company?

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The old tracks do indeed do not have such a feature, the new tracks do have such feature (if you submit enough times, it will show: keep trying or get code)

I think creating such a button is actually a bad idea. Yes, you will get the correct code, i wish such a button exist when i was working on my own projects, unfortunately it doesn’t. Yes, people here are new to coding, but i think it is best to get used to debugging rather quickly. It is an essential part of programming. The thing with the forum is that, i do not give full answers, i point out what the problem is, give tips on how it should be, and try to push them in the right direction. The problem with the generated code is best to compare to study for a math test, the getting code is the equivalent of reading through a math book, getting pointed in the right direction (the forum) and then making the exercises. Guess which one will pass when the test comes (building your own projects)

Furthermore, this button is a problem in tracks like build a resume, build a resume allows for a lot of freedom in the exercise, you can add more div’s, paragraphs, headings, list etcetera and all apply styling to all this elements in css, even with property’s and values not required by the exercise. Then how such the correct code be generated? Build a resume is just an example.


Expecting live support from CodeCademy is the same as expecting live support from YouTube. Not. Gonna. Happen. They created a functional website, and they just don’t have the time/employees required to give everyone live support, just because they don’t understand something.

You know how Google makes money? Advertisments. Advertisements everywhere. Did you notice the no advertising on CodeCademy?


You’re right, there are no ads on Codecademy, this is because of the PRO feature, which you have to pay for.


when did i ask for live support? why do the people in this thread keep assuming i’m asking for live support when I said codecademy should have a better way to get help? when i said instant help i was not saying live support, i was saying there should be a button where you press it, and it displays the correct code, but you can only get this button after a certain time frame, and after a certain number of tries

and i wouldn’t have a problem with codecademy putting up ads, ads are everywhere it’s a part of life

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@szecode I assumed you wanted live help because you complained about the amount of time it took to get help right now, and I think that’s why everyone else is assuming that, too.
The point wasn’t whether Codecademy should put up advertisements or not, it was that they currently don’t.

I don’t think anything good is really happening on this thread, we seem to keep getting sidetracked off onto small things that don’t matter much. Your (Szecode’s) request has been stated, and people have seen it.
I don’t think this thread needs to keep going.

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You didn’t, but you implied it, like @zystvan said.

Also, I agree with @stetim94 that having a 'show code' button would be a very bad idea, yes, it *would* show you the correct code, allowing you to pass the lesson, but *you wouldn't learn what your problem was and how to fix it*, which is one of the core things you need to code. If you can't fix a problem without asking someone else for the code, then you won't learn how to fix it, but if you ask someone what's wrong with your code and how to fix it, then you will learn and will be able to fix problems like that in the future.. *maybe even help others with the problem you had!*

no I didn’t imply it, you guys need to stop saying I implied that I was asking for live chat support.

When I said instant help it could mean a lot of other things, other than live chat support such as;

  1. button you press and it auto generates the correct code
  2. a section where you can copy/paste your incorrect code and it automatically corrects it with an explanation
  3. a section where it points out what you have incorrectly by maybe highlighting it and providing an explanation

and much more.

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I already told you why i find this a bad idea, but okay. Point 2 is a problem, since lessons already provide the instructions (which if you follow should result in the correct code), and it is really hard (if not impossible) to catch all corner cases for a computer. You will be surprised what people come up with (i seen a lot), if you want to implant such a feature, you can’t have any creativity in the exercise, you will have to write exactly the same way. I would find this is a shame. I worked with math software (forgot what is called) where even a space at the wrong place in my answer was lethal, it is super annoying.

We pretty recently got new forums, so it took some time, but now the forums are a little older you should be able to find solution for most problems. Besides, such a button would to tempting to press, you need to learn to debug (which isn’t the most enjoyable part of programming) , i think you can better start early. I am glad such a button wasn’t there when i started programming

Besides, as already pointed out, the new exercises do have part of such feature (they can provide you with the right code, not with why it is wrong)



OK, so I guess we misunderstood you. But still, we all got that you were wanting live chat support, so maybe you should clarify what you meant by editing your first post :slight_smile:

Re your suggestions:

  1. Like Stetim94 said, that’s going to get people cheating on exercises and not learning to properly debug their code.
  2. There are practically infinite possible errors for code. You could throw the syntax error message at the user, (which Codecademy already does, at least for some courses), which would be good, but if the code is valid syntax wise, but does something different than the exercise expects, you can’t do it. There’s just no way to write a response to every single possible error.
  3. That might be doable, except for the explanation part. It would actually be pretty clever. But, it doesn’t allow much creativity, even if you program the checker to be somewhat relaxed coding-style wise.

But look, why can’t you wait for an hour or two for help? Is that really so bad?
(edit: I’m asking again because you answer above isn’t very satisfactory to me. It’s only the very small minority who are doing Codecademy before a bootcamp, as far as I can tell)


Sorry, I agree with @stetim94 and zystvan…

I am only doing this for fun :slight_smile:


I don’t know how long you use codecademy and how good programmer are you, but if you have a task, get stuck and can’t figure out what’s wrong via Google or/and IRC or forum (on which many topics can help a lot)… I don’t get what you mean.
You want just solve. But many tasks have many ways to go through. If you get one ‘for free’ you don’t learn it. When you will try to do it yourself (or with help, doesn’t matter, just by hard work) - you will learn much more than ‘ah, yea, it’s obvious, ok, let’s go next’.

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that’s not true. i upgraded to PRO thinking the features would be better. I waited 2 hours + and still no reply from any advisors… tried posting on forum… no luck either. as szecode mentioned, would be great if you guys can just post the codes for us to check ourselves rather than wait for god knows how long… very demotivating experience.

you got the times the advisors work at wrong? They need to sleep, and so do other people. I will look at it in a moment, can you include your html code as well in that topic? Or the exercise url?

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Q. Are Advisors available 24/7?
Advisors are available at a moment’s notice, from 8am to midnight, Eastern Standard Time (EST).

8:00am to Midnight EST.

Is this when you contacted them?

If we did that, you wouldn’t learn as well, trust me. Maybe you personally would benefit from this, but most people would much rather have the code given and explained than just thrown at them.

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