CodeCademy Web Development Career Path Question

Hello everyone!

I came into CodeCademy with a pretty good amount of knowledge of front-end development, as my current day-job (SEO Specialist) involves a lot of JS, HTML/CSS, etc.

I started the Pro Web Development Career Path, and the first six-seven or so sections (out of 14) have been essentially review after working through it for a few weeks. I am unsure on if I’m simply experiencing impostor syndrome at the moment about my lack of abilities, but I’m questioning if all the material (through the rest of the course) is “enough” for me to advance into a career in development if I master all the rest (React, Node, SQL, etc are coming up).

Is this course meant to just give a beginner the basics, or (if I master these skills) will I be essentially job ready?

I guess the biggest concern for me is that I’m starting an Informatics program (the final two years of coursework for a web/software development) at my university in Winter of 2021. If I master the 14 sections of the Web Dev career section, will I be job ready at that time, and not need to finish school, or is it simply meant to give a brief overview?

Let me know what you think!


Hey there,

I think the answer is, it depends.

From an employer point of view, would having completed courses on Codecademy carry the same weight as obtaining a diploma from a university? Maybe for some, unlikely for others.

You’d have to check the requirements for job openings you’re interested in.

Some tech companies now say diplomas don’t matter anymore:

Of course you can’t just base your decision on what some of the biggest tech companies in the world are saying, because it might not be true for other, smaller companies, that would still require a diploma.

So I don’t think it’d be wise for me to tell you to just drop out of school.

Is it possible to land a career in this field without a diploma? Sure. But you’d have to prove that you’re up to the task. I guess having a portfolio or a GitHub account with some interesting projects would greatly help. I personally don’t think having completed some courses is simply enough. Employers will want to see what you’re capable of, that you have something to show for. Same goes if you want to work as a freelancer and land your own clients. The risk of imposter syndrome can increase greatly if you don’t.

I think Codecademy gives you the tools to start building things on your own. But there’s still a lot of figuring things out by yourself, when you’re out there writing code “in the real world”.

All this just to say: if you really want this, you’ll get a job in this field of work. Do you have to produce effort beyond the confines of Codecademy? Absolutely. Should you drop out of school? Ultimately that’s up to you, but one would have to ponder whether it’s the right decision going forward.

My two cents.