Codecademy vs Pearson Revel/Online Textbooks

Hey everyone!

I have been using Codecademy Pro under the Student Scholarship, which has really given me a strong foundation in understanding the basics of programming. Although there is much to learn, I feel as though I have the tools to face challenges more than before.

Alternatively, I just started a minor in Computer Science at my university, where the learning is similarly all online nowadays. I think the contrast between the platform Pearson Revel and Codecademy is very interesting. The course I am taking through university is Intro to Java, which covers most of the same concepts as Codecademy’s course.

I find that Pearson Revel talks about coding so much that it makes some of the concepts more confusing than they actually are. Not only that, but they present each concept on a long scrolling page that has scary looking code excerpts that are supposed to be useful. Not saying this platform is awful, but as someone still relatively new to Computer Science, I think the difference is large.

Has anyone else noticed similar comparisons between Codecademy/university curriculum and platforms?