Codecademy task verification slow

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Over the past two days, it seems that the task completion verification is rather slow. I’ve run network trouble shooting on my home network and communicated with my ISP, confirming that the issue is originating from the Codecademy site.

What OS do you have? What web browser are you using and what path or course are you doing? More specific details would be helpful.

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Macbook Pro: Big Sur
Full-Stack Developer Path (Making a Website Responsive section)

This has never been an issue up until hitting that section in the path. I’ve attempted other browsers and got the same result.

I believe that Chrome is the recommended web browser.

As a fellow Mac user with Catalina, I can tell you that Safari can be slow with many websites. What internet provider do you have? I’ve been battling with mine–which has a monopoly in the NYC borough I’m in–as my internet connection gets dropped multiple times a day. They keep trying to tell me it’s on my end, and it’s not. It has to do with their spotty signal and interference on their end.

I’ve never had any issues with Safari, and it has been running fine with Codecademy up until the above mentioned section.

Unfortunately it seems Big Sur has a few bugs. Chrome on Big Sur has an issue where after sometime the MacBook would overheat due to an excessive amount of resources being used and just shut off. Enabling the Bluetooth adapter for a small period of time causes the Wifi connection to be very very intermittent. (pings jump from 29ms to over 30 000ms) So stay away from Big Sur for the time being.

Well, I’m in South Africa so it’s a local ISP. Been pretty steady with their services. 20Mbps up and down (which considering it’s South Africa is pretty good.)

Are there any extensions you have installed on Safari that might be affecting using CC?

I think that Chrome is an energy hog in general. (Unfortunately. and I like Chrome)
Also, I was late to update to Catalina and once I installed it I regretted it b/c it drained my battery. I had to disable Searchlight b/c it constantly scanned my entire computer all the time, thus draining the battery. (thanks, Apple).

Let’s see if anyone else is having issues. I put out the question to some other users and will let you know what I hear.

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Only extension I have is JSON Peep, and this had been installed way before I had even started with Codecademy. No other changes recently.

I’ve actually moved away from Spotlight Search and have gone with Alfred (not the App Store Version as that is limited to version one, Website is Version 4) which has a larger feature set and is faster in my opinion. At least one can limit it to only search through certain ‘types’ such as Apps only, Docs only etc. or a mixture. I’ve attached a link if you wanna have a look.

Thanks, Appreciate the help.

Cool, thanks. I’ll look into that. I know that one can limit what Spotlight searches in one’s System Preferences too.