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Hello there! I have one suggestion in hand today:

Why is PHP So Lonely:


there is no pro exclusive projects for PHP. Common.


why does it lag soo many times Like this!!

I just think this is a good topic to be fixed. Since the bug on the second tip is really frustrating me as it happened so many times..


I will answer that second question, most likely you either made a infinity loop or a endless recursive function.

You can just set up apache + php or xampp, and you can do many projects in php outside of codecademy. Don't forgot php is a server side language


Why does the second part happen every 5 minutes?

PHP -- course is broken!

I guess something is wrong with you code, i only got this error when i had a infinity loop or a endless recursive function. So, most likely your coding

Codecademy alternative [PHP]

I've moved this topic to "Suggestions" because of the request for PHP Projects.