Codecademy stuck in portuguese after logging in

Trying to learn python, but I can’t get codecademy to stay in english. When I log in, everything changes to portuguese. I’ve tried the little language dropbox in the corner, but it just reverts back to portuguese again.

Also not the only person with this issue:

I need an adult.

I guess I will have to do.

Have you had a look at this thread: Changing preferred language?

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Heyyyyy it’s in english! Changing the language in my account settings worked (once I figured out how to even find it with everything in portuguese).

No idea how it got changed to portuguese in the first place.



If you can’t read the account settings page (because it’s in another language), a short term fix is to change the URL. Where it says “pt-BR”, change it to “en” and hit enter. It will stay in English for a short time while you fix the account settings.