Codecademy status in industy

I was curious if there is anyone who is a software developer or works closely with any companies who could tell me how companies view this certificate? There are a lot of job descriptions that require a degree or equivalent recognized training, but I don’t know if this would be recognized by companies. Thanks in advance!


As a general rule, online certificates (from Codecademy or others) don’t mean a lot to employers, as they prove you’ve done Course X but not what you’ve actually learned from it. In theory, there would be nothing stopping you from just skipping through the course and using “Get Solution” for entire modules without reviewing any code, potentially ending up with significant gaps in your learning. Certifications (with an actual proctored exam you have to pass) are different though, the above just applies to online courses on Codecademy/FCC etc.

What’s really key is to be able to prove your ability and show off what you can do with something like a portfolio of projects. The Codecademy portfolio projects at the end of courses can be a good base for this, but it’s still important to build up some of your own, outside the course. :slight_smile:


Okay good to know, so focus on retention and practice practice practice and then shoot for an intern job?

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