Codecademy site problem

Hi! I’ve got a problem since yesterday. Site is working, but I can’t see my courses and when I go to one of the courses through “catalog”, I’ve got a black blank page. I try all of the tips from Troubleshooting Guide + change browser, devices, internet connection. It doesn’t work… Please help!)

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Hey there!

It looks to be a technical issue with the platform itself, in which case we as community volunteers unfortunately can’t help here, feel free to open a ticket with customer support and they can take a look!

Happy coding! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your response!

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I’m sorry, but how can I “open the ticket”? Just sent a message via “Contact Us”. Is it enough?

i have the same issue too

I noticed that when I am connecting to the Codecademy, I get CloudFlare “checking your browser”.


The same problem i have, but yesterday (may 05) it was working just fine all day.

Looks like new Cloudfare technology affected services. Hope it will be fixed till tomorow, as i don’t wanna lose my strick =(

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I have same problem :frowning:

Besides, this is only courses problem, workspaces are working.
Also i managed to hit the streak! I just clicked on unfinished article Off-Platform Project: Making a Database of Movies in Design Databases With PostgreSQL SkillPath, and the badge showed up! So I hope everyone may do the same trick to not lose streak!

Well I have no access to PHP courses, console shows a lot of 403 on everything on page.

Not to lose streak is good, but without ability to study further, it’s completely useless.


If question is about streak, how about you try the course i mentioned, with the hypelink i provided in last message?

I can understand you very-very well, as i am a big codecademy fan, and this situation is very frustrating to me too! But, as i mentioned earlier, the Worspaces are working for me! I have some project forked in there, to get back to it when i will have time, and as i can see - it is time :crazy_face: May be you have some Worspaces with some forked projects too?

Loll i thought i’m the only one who get that problem

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Hey everyone!

Since it seems like a very common recurring issue I’ll pass it onto Codecademy directly, thanks everyone for flagging!

There has recently been some issues around and outage yesterday, hopefully we can expect a fix soon and get back to learning! :slightly_smiling_face:

same here, workspace is fine, courses are dead
just started today, probably somehow related to cloudflare

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Yeah unfortunately there’s been some recurring issues as of yesterday and this morning, hopefully they should be fixed soon.


FWIW, Bookmark and use this form:

Also, be as specific as possible in describing your issues, including O/S, web browser, a screenshot, steps to replicate the issue, etc.

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Heyya, yes it does, it does it for Anti DDos attacks etc. so it is normal.
It does like this for everyone.

Happy Coding :slight_smile: