Codecademy reliability , connection wise


Can somebody tell me how often Codecademy servers are down?
In last two days it works on and off for a few hours.
If I was using a free account then tough but I’m paying a lot of money from where I am and this is not looking good.

And I know the problem is not on my side. I tested it on different PC’s and LTE and fibre internet.
And it comes on and off without my intervention.



Same here! Since I started codeacademy (2 months ago) it’s super unreliable and no one seems to fix it.


So it is not a problem on my side that CodeAcademy wont connect? I’m still in my free trial but if this is the rule and not the exception I will look for alternatives.


Can anyone confirm that they can connect to codecademy right now ?


I cant connect. Says Lost Connection.


I can’t connect either.


I can’t connect either


It is the same here with JavaScript and Python.


I usually use CC evey day. I have only had a problem today and ive been using it for quite a while.


Me too, exactly what you wrote. Is there any indication of a fix?


I wonder if there are different servers depending on area. Are you in the southern US?


St. Petersburg, Florida


Raleigh, NC. not to far, might even use the same server. I wonder if thats why ours are more reliable. Wonder where everyone else is from.


I’m trying to access from the UK and experiencing the same issue. Seems odd that the emphasis is on forming good, regular habits when learning to code and this is made very difficult when the service is down. As a paid member I’m not feeling too happy about the wasted day of subscription either.


Yes! Today I tried to code, but I didn’t connection. Everything is working fine for me on my computer! I am doing these courses for school. I need connection to complete the courses…


I’m from the Midwest area of the US and having problems!


Hi everyone,

Let me start with a sincere apology. I’ve been on the Codecademy team now for 2 months, and through conversations with many learners (and, frankly, from personal experience) I know that finding the time to teach oneself something is hard enough as it is; technical issues and site-outages make a hard thing even harder. We are so sorry for this, and working as fast as possible to solve it for you.

Our engineering team is working on a resolution now, and until we’ve reached one, please find all updates here: Error: Lost connection to Codecademy

Thank you for your patience with us. Thank you for learning with us.


Hi Code Academy Team,

Since morning I am also getting “Lost connection to code academy”. Can someone please look into this or at least provide an ETA for this?



Hi @asurjit,
I’m so sorry for the issue. Our engineering team is working on a resolution now, and until we’ve reached one, please find all updates here: Error: Lost connection to Codecademy. Thank you for your patience.

Lost connection to Codecademy