Codecademy regional pricing

Do you consider bring regional pricing . its 20 dollars in USA but in non-USA especially east we are getting hard to afford prices . thanks for reply :slight_smile:

Hey there!

As you say, I think the pricing is standardised across regions - you might see it converted to local currency, but I think it works out broadly the same. (The monthly price I’m offered in GBP works out at around $20 US, so I guess it’s the same for any other currencies they display in?)

What that person is saying is in the region/country they are in the income level is much lower to something we originate from.

Even if that was true, and CC did this very thing, people would just spoof their IP and find a way to get money to originate in that region aka because cheat CC out of funds. It’s really easy to do something like this with 5 minutes of web surfing.

yea i said that . our local concurreny is much lower than USD .

maybe they can block fraudulent for regional pricing . ip block etc. i dunno

With online banking, no. All you would have to do is setup an account in an online bank in that region.

actually websites like netflix , spotify or steam can block foreign IP’s . i dunno how they do but they.

Yeah, I understood the point that the OP was making.

Whilst I can sympathise with their position, I don’t know of any discount or reductions that CC offer aside from the fairly standard practice of offering a lower monthly price for longer block subscriptions (e.g. an annual sub works out less per month than subscribing per month).

There is still a good amount of free content available on Codecademy, though, and the Pro material is reviewed from time to time with some Pro content becoming free or vice versa at Codecademy’s discretion.

Yes, they can - but geo-IP blocking is trivial to circumvent in most cases.

@alyssavigil might be able to provide more info, but I think it is likely a case that the price is the price I’m afraid.

yes, they block ips that are assigned to certain servers that common vpns like nordVPN, expressVPN, Surfshark, ect. Use someone with a dedicated ip in a foreign region would be near impossible to detect.