Codecademy Redesigned -- Planning New Features

A few of us are reviving the Codecademy Redesigned extension since a number of its features have become less reliable recently, and some have even vanished completely due to changes made to Codecademy’s website.

Are there any features that you’d like added to the extension? Currently this is the official, although incomplete, list:

  • Adds a new Canned Responses feature into the forums for people who type the same thing a lot
  • Redesigns the Forums to have darker colors with more contrast, to strain the eye less
  • Adds a link in the footer to a GitHub repository containing old posts saved from Groups, including many useful tutorials.
  • Makes the notification bell link to your Discuss notifications, instead of the old notifications page
  • Updates the Profile Page, adding ‘points today’, ‘best points day’, and best day streak’ back into the profile.

(Not all of these work anymore, however)

Are any of these features no longer needed? Please let us know which features you’d like kept and if you have any ideas for new features you’d like us to implement.


One of our goals is to make it easier to contribute to the extension, so along with removing all unneeded features and tidying up the code, we’re bringing the code under one repository and will use a code style guide to avoid inconsistent code (an issue in the past). If you’re interested in contributing in the future, once we’ve made these changes, PM me and let me know!


Having received 6 :heart:s but zero requests for features to be kept or new ones implemented, here’s a preview of the code for the next version of the extension:

// hi

I’ll probably implement the changes, bundle the addon, and release the new version later this week unless we get some input before then.

(or, phrased much more bluntly - we really do need input, please PM me or respond here with features you’d like)

I would like to have a thing next to the profile that shows how many points and badges you got(or so far) that day.

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Also on the old profiles they had a circle which told how far you were.