Codecademy Redesigned 7.1.0

Codecademy Redesigned 7.1.0 is out!
For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Codecademy Redesigned is a browser extension which adds new features into Codecademy and redesigns parts of the site. A few things this does:

  • Updates the forums to match the look of the site and not be as much of a strain on the eyes (by using darker colors with more contrast).
  • Adds a Canned Responses feature into the forums, allowing you to avoid typing the same thing over and over again.
  • Makes the notification bell on the main site link to your notifications over here on Discuss.
  • Adds in a button which links to the lesson a question is on, to the right of the category.
  • Lets you easily view a user’s profile on the main site by clicking the external link icon next to their name on their profile.

To use Canned Responses, click the notepad icon on the right of the formatting bar, select all of the text you want in your Canned Response, and click “Create New”.

Please let us know what you think of it!

For anyone wondering, @alexcraig and @joahg are the guys who started it, and I’ve only come in pretty recently :slight_smile:
And since the version for Firefox and the version for Chrome aren’t run by the same people, there will probably usually be a delay between when the two get updated, but we’ll try our best to keep them updated with the latest code :slight_smile:


I like the new look and the Canned Responses tool will come in handy!


@zystvan It is very good! I really like that you can just click on your profile name and get to the forums! :slight_smile: