Codecademy Python vs Python 3.x

Hi everyone, while learning programming and how python works here i started to see some of the most relevant differences between the code I’m learning here, and code I have to put while experimenting on the IDLE version of my computer, which is Python v3.5.0. Most of them are minimal (afaik, the print statement became a print() function, the divisions sometimes give different results and raw_input() is now input()), but relevant enough to make me have some questions to you:

  • just why? is still python 3.x not widely used? is it worse?

  • is it deleterious for a n00b as me to learn both python 2.x and 3.x? should I focus only on one version?

  • if the answer is yes and I should focus on python 2.x, how can I code it on my computer instead of 3.x? Do I need an older version of IDLE, is it backwards compatible, or something else?

thank you very much for everything, and btw the course is amazing :slightly_smiling::snake:
P.S. in case it’s relevant, I’m not learning programming for a future job, but mainly for personal interest and to be able to create small programs by myself.


The courses developed in the CODECADEMY environment are somewhat older
and therefor developed in Python 2.x

Do a search

python user:ryan

Should I use Python 2 or Python 3 for practising on my desktop?

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