Codecademy-projects/medical insurance final project at main ·

The code was just right, it wasn’t actually that difficult, but the difficulty comes when I had to debug too many lines of code, the possibilities of relationships among the variables of the dataset are endless too that I couldn’t explore some of them some cos I have to move on to the next course.
All in all, I enjoyed the project cos it boosted my confidence, though I don’t know how well I have done, but I still felt more like a data scientist doing the project.
There are errors in the project, the try and except statement didn’t work properly as well as another error. I hope I can get a guide to it if someone reviews the code.
Thanks to anybody who does so in advance.


The first thing I noticed is that you did all of this within Python directly. A jupyter notebook could be more helpful so that way you can understand the errors and tracebacks. It helped me.

It was a cool idea to have a scale for ages and to separate the age groups. I hadn’t even considered that.

What if you viewed the csv file to get an idea of what the data even looked like? On Kaggle, you could preview the data before even coding and you could know what to expect as far as coding. That said, even with what you have now, your code is clear and readable.

Debugging is not always fun, but you’ll get used to the errors and searching for them and what python wants. Luckily Python tells you want it thinks is wrong unlike other languages.

You went super in depth which is awesome! The summary at the end is helpful to get quick insights into the data.

Thanks a lot, i should have used Jupyter notebook, but I don’t know why, I had issues setting it up on my pc and I’m also much comfortable using Pycharm. Nevertheless, I will try setting up Jupyter notebook and try it to see how cool it can be.