Codecademy Programming Modules

Hello all,

I am age 31, from Singapore.

Previously I studied Electrical Engineering at Northwestern University in Chicago. Initially I did very well, even getting GPA’s of close to 3.8 … but towards the end of my course, I became depressed , cynical, unmotivated and suicidal and became a Marxist an Nihilist. Being promised an inheritance did no good for my motivation. Ended up dropping out of college a few times (2 or 3 times?). The last time I applied back , I got my student visa denied. Later I checked the US immigration website and realised that I can reapply when my personal circumstances have improved.

After reading about YCombinator, I have started to learn how to program computers and have completed the Python Module and am going through the Ruby module …

My dream now is to build a very successful software startup in Silicon Valley that has millions of dedicated users worldwide so I will be invited to return to America to grow the company …

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