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hello codecademy i have a question how do i sign up for the codecademy pro scholarship al it says i can get 7 day free trial. so can anybody answer my question

Hey @jacobdelbridge047974, welcome to the forums!

Have you checked out this link:

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Hi @stevencopeland,

I’ve attempted to follow the instructions on the linked webpage to no avail after encountering this same issue. Upon navigating to the school email intake form listed on the page, Google Forms alerts me that responses for the form are no longer being accepted.

Can you advise on any next steps from here?

Hey @cathyderpy, welcome to the forums!

I’ve alerted @alyssavigil how may be able to help you with this… while you’re waiting, you can go ahead and submit a help request and see if anyone gets back to you quickly about this.

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Many thanks for the prompt follow-up and warm welcome!

I’ve gone ahead and sent in a support ticket as per your suggestion. Looking forward to further updates on this matter.


Hey @cathyderpy, you did the right thing writing CS. They’ll be in touch as soon as they can. Thanks :slight_smile:

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I encountered the same situation, the solution for me was to cancel the plan, delete the account, make sure that I logged out and enter the link again

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