Codecademy Pro, Student Discount


Dear Community and Codecademy,

My name is Will, and I am a middle school student currently enrolled at Postlewait Middle and Ceasar Rodney High School in Delaware. As a member of the Technology Student Association, I would like to learn how to code in depth. Although I have looked a other free options to learn, I originally started with Codecademy when it was still 100% free and became accustomed and somewhat attached to the way Codecademy teaches. However, although my family is not financially challenged, I don't feel that I can pay $20.00 a month for Codecademy. I am not suggesting that learning to code with this amazing program is not worth it and should be free, although that would be nice, but I do think that there should be a discount. I was hoping that a Codecademy employee would read this and possibly be able to add a student discount to bring the price down, for students, to (in my mind) around $5.00 a month.

Thank you for you attention,
An aspiring coder.



Codecademy doesn't give out discounts, however all the lessons are FREE to access, only the following is pro:

  • Help from advisors
  • Quizzes
  • Projects

If you want to get in touch to a CC employer you can visit help section:

For those who cannot afford it,

You can get help here on Codecademy forums,
You can challenge yourself with your own projects.


To anyone at CodeCademy who wants your company to make more money - You’re shooting yourself in the foot.

You should seriously be applying third degree price discrimination to your pricing model so kids like Will here can get you more profit, and Will can consume a product/service which can’t cost you more on a marginal basis of 1 more paid user.


A lot has changed in your pricing since last year. There are less unpaid options today than in the past. Again, it’s all good to charge but maybe an educational group price per school might be in order.


Agree with @jhauer. There are many high school students who want to learn coding and it would be really nice to have any kind of discount for us. Even-though cost of your site is not that elevated comparing to others, high school students usually can’t work and any extra way of saving is always nice.


With the increase of content being hidden behind a paywall, a student discount sounds like a fantastic idea. I know some University students that could use the help. :wink: