Codecademy Pro refund

Codecademy Pro Refund

Hey guys,
So I forgot to cancel my codecademy pro free trial and they charged me 39.99 USD for it. I’m based in Australia so that converts to around 60 AUD. Has anyone ever received good news from their customer service team? From what I’ve seen, the policy is that they won’t refund any amount whatsoever. Anyone been successful with getting a refund? Please help since it’s quite a lot of money to pay for one month and coronavirus isn’t really helping the situation. Codecademy, please provide a refund!

Hey there @java3822411458 :grinning: Welcome to the forums!!

Sorry to hear about this, I have never run into billing problems myself, but I have had to work with their customer service team, and can give them high praise.

Unfortunatly billing can not be handled over the forums, if you have not already submitted a ticket, I would do so by selecting the ‘Contact Us’ here.

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@8-bit-gaming I second this advice.

I’ve made a mistake with billing and have been helped before. There might have been a 2-3 day turnaround but it worked out.

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