Codecademy PRO Path Error


Hi i just purchased PRO and i added a path, but i do not see it on my dashboard. help anyone?


Next to your avatar under your username it should say pro member.
If you are sure the card processed, try refreshing the page maybe?

If you see that then from there click on the my courses section to check the paths
that you have chosen.

the path you chosen will be under the new path add link inside of your courses,
and going through the first one will take you in the order of your selected option


You should still be able to make progress towards the path, but I have this same problem. I have been working on the Data Science Path for two months and the card and all the courses under My Courses disappeared yesterday. I didn’t lose progress, my completed skills still show up on my profile. When I click on “create a new path” I see that Data Science is listed as “Current Path”. Codecademy is still tracking that information and giving you credit, but the display changed.

If you know the courses associated with the path you can still do them. Make sure you check the Beta Catalog ( for courses that might not be listed.

This is very frustrating and i’m glad I’m not the only one seeing it.


Please reach out to our customer support team if you experience problems with your path!