Codecademy Pro membership sales and deals: how often do they typically come around?

I noticed that Codecademy, at least in the United States, is offering 50% off annual Pro memberships in honor of Pi Day.

Does anyone know if Codecademy often offers such deep discount sales? Does Codecademy typically offer discounts on holidays, or is this Pi Day offer a pretty rare sort of discount, historically speaking?

Thanks for any insight you can give, because I’m currently trying to decide whether to jump on this offer or to wait until Memorial Day (US, May 30, 2022) or July 4th Independence Day (US).



They tend to pop up decently often throughout the year, mostly around holidays etc. We don’t know exactly when they will be (or for how much) but I have seen 50% (and 35%) a couple times before so it’s definitely not a one-off for such a high discount.

FWIW if you’re able I would personally say just go for it, my experience with Codecademy has been truly awesome and I’d thoroughly recommend it and 50% is a great deal for all the offered content imho.

Happy coding!