Codecademy Pro Intensive

Hi everyone,

I recently bought the Codecademy Pro Intensive course “Build websites from strach” and I understood that once I paid to access the course I would be granted a couple things… One of them being “get all of codecademy pro” and today as I was browsing the classes I’ve already completed I realized that all the Pro things were still blocked.

When will I have access to the Quizzes and Projects? Is it only at the beggining of the classes? I wanted to do a couple of them to refresh my mind a bit…

Thanks in advance for an answer!

there are two pro tiers:

the projects and quizzes are part of regular pro subscription, you bought (judging by your story) the pro-intensive courses, which is something different

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Yes, that’s the one I got!

But wasn’t I supposed to get the projects and quizzes as well? As part of the package.

Thanks for the quick answer @stetim94 !

no, they are two separate packages. Just because you buy one, doesn’t mean you get the other one for free.

But what about this part that I highlighted in yellow:

yes, seems you are right.

I can access the freeform projects quizzes with pro-intensive, what is the problem that you can’t? Can you show me (screenshots)?

How long ago did you buy pro-intensive?

Just a screen to show that I’m logged in…
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And how it shows inside the courses…
Maybe the problem is that the course only starts in four days… Idk.

Yesterday :sweat_smile:
Is just that I’m anxious to code again and I wanted to get back to the basics

Hey Renata,

Your course hasn’t started yet so you won’t have this level of access until it does.

If you have further questions, please contact our support team!

Ohhh, ok!

Thanks @oduffy!

I will wait until the 16th :slight_smile: