Codecademy Pro Intensive Time-to-Finish


Question about the Codecademy Pro Intensive courses. I’m thinking of signing up for the next session and I see that the length of the courses are anywhere from 7-10 weeks, depending on the course. It’s also suggested that the students will spend between 5 and 15 hours per week. If I have more time to dedicate to the course, can it be completed in a shorter amount of time or are the lessons and projects released on a schedule?



Hi Will!

I don’t know if anyone got in touch with you in a direct message or anything but I just did a course so I thought I’d offer insight.

I just finished a web design course and the way it worked was that each section was broken down into days. You could skip ahead and do as many days as you wanted at any given time, or catch up on a bunch of stuff if you’re running behind. The larger projects did have suggested deadlines for submission but even those seem to be flexible as long as you submit before the course end date.


I really appreciate the response (no one had responded for 2 months! :slight_smile: )
I went ahead and registered for the intensive pro course for Front-End Dev… I ended up completing most of the course assignments weeks early, and now I’m working on finishing up the capstone project. It’s all good!