Codecademy pro for ruby/ruby on rails?

Hey everyone,

I’ve been on codecademy for a while and I think it’s great. It’s been a bit since I did any back-end coding, which probably means I need to redo a lot of javascript stuff to get back on track, as well react and angular JS (which I always had a problem initializing. I never had a problem with writing the code itself).

At any rate, I want to go pro intensive, but I noticed that most of the projects are for back-end stuff. Does codecademy have anything for ruby and ruby on rails? I’m trying to get myself job-ready as quickly as possible for a potential job at, since they’re hiring like crazy for this and the pay is really, really good.

If codecademy doesn’t have something like that for ruby, does any other site have it? Ruby on Rails, too.

there are two rails courses on codecademy:

which are free, but the quizzes and freeform projects are part of pro-subscription, like usual. (this is a different tier then pro-intensive)

Javascript taught at codecademy is just javascript in general, and a bit of front-end. AngularJS and ReactJS are also front-end, so bit confused by what you are saying

nodeJS (javascript back-end) isn’t taught at codecademy, but general javascript knowledge help when attempting to learn nodeJS of course

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