Codecademy Pricing Model

I wanted to reach out and provide feedback for the wonderful service your company has created. This collection of tutorials has personally helped me get into coding as well as brush up on skills I’ve previously learned. While I would love to support Codecademy, I am not in the position where I could afford the $19.99/mo that you are asking for pro access. Unfortunately, I see the lack of a student discount as a major obstacle to personally subscribing. Aside from the monthly price being too high for a hungry student who is barely getting by in Oakland with two jobs, I can’t imagine becoming a patron of this service if the basic modules offered to all were converted to a paid access model unless that included the quiz & project sections.

Another solution to the pricing issue might be a one-time membership fee.

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I am well aware. Your canned response adds nothing to the discussion either.

By the way I think it is strange that the poll you have asking users about what sort of discount they would like seems to have had votes removed. The original poll had well over 75 users (the majority) voting for single student discounts.

Seems shady af.

I think you are right about that. I didn’t notice at the time, but when I fixed a typo in the Student Discount choice it may have reset the count.

If you want more discussion on this topic, no guarantees of course, but being so blunt is going to discourage others from joining in.

I use it in school and would be prepared (I suspect along with hundreds of my colleagues) to consider upgrading if the price was right. Given that in my context the children will turn to me as the teacher rather than the online advisor, wouldn’t a middle-ground “EDU” product be viable? We sign in with Google, as do many others, so permitting our domain would be relatively simple and then we’d get the quizzes and projects, which is all we really want.

I advise well over 600 prep schools in the UK on their use of IT and computing, as well as frequently speaking at events, so you can have some confidence when I say that I’m sure there’s a very good commercial model here if you want to engage with it.


I would like to see an EDU discount also. It seems that Code Academy would want large groups (such as classrooms) to participate you the website. I would also like to see a quiz before I buy. Don’t mind paying for the individual for a month just to see what I am getting but cannot pay for 100 kids.

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Unfortunatly, the ideas of innovative education seem to end at a medieval black&white pricing model…

I wish, the cademy would learn more about it from the free2play gaming-industry.
Perhaps a small base-price with additional contend available with money or (in small pieces) with earned “points”.


I don’t mean or want to offend you in any way but,

The “Points” System (Take COD points for those titles) are what have caused many people to
stop playing recent Call Of Duty titles.

I don’t think that this a good idea.

I definitely would rather Pro be as it is, because I definitely wouldn’t want Points.

I dont feel offended :wink:
… but a little bit missunderstood.

I was talking about those “points”, we allready can earn by completing lessons etc. They could serve as a teaser for small pieces of the full-pro-contend … thats only ONE option… more would not nessesarily exclude each other.

But my main-point is that a monthly payment goes straightly against educational basics of individual learning-speeds.
(And 20 $ are not little !! )

I guess it applies for any situation that where you want to get something.

Start by looking at it as a investment

Start stretching a dollar,peso,rupee, whatever your currency, here and there or sacrificing eating those potatoes that soda, magazine, (you name it) for this investment.

Just a recommendation from someone that is doing that, not pro yet, since I want to complete all the free courses then re-do them in Pro.

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