Codecademy Poetry Slam Competition

Hello Codecademy users :slight_smile:

Here is my fun and creative competition for you:

Maybe you have heard about code poetry slam ?

Let’s do our own Codecademy Poetry Slam Competition:

Write a poetry code about Codecademy! Show your love :heart_eyes: Be creative :smiley:
You can choose any programming language you like! The poetry topic is about Codecademy.

Post your code here and vote for your favourite code poetries ( 1 like = 1 vote). You can vote multiply times.

Happy Coding! :slight_smile:

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Code poetry slam? Could you explain?

You can find here more information and some code examples:

Does it have to be in Code?

The Stanford contest was open to poetry about code, as well, I believe.

How do I love, thee? let me count() the ways…

Any level of creativity ought to be considered, imho.

it doesn’t have to be in code :slight_smile: